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Statistics, Engineering or a related discipline and a passion or expertise in data and statistical analysis

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March 9, 2023


Product Analyst

Job Description

Overview – As a Product Analyst in a B2C tech company like is expected to bring strong analytical skills with relevant user story and the ability to see from a user’s shoes. The team that looks at constantly extracting valuable information for use in strategic decision making, product development, trend analysis, and forecasting. We deal with all kinds of structured/unstructured (image, text, etc) data and build data-driven solutions to solve customer problems. Our continued endeavor is to help users find a suitable match for themselves at the earliest.

Role :

A Product Analyst is responsible for understanding and deriving insights from the data collected by the company. He should be built on a user story, and empathize with the user on a consistent basis to deliver valuable product insights.

What you will do in this role

  • The Product Analyst will be responsible for understanding and deriving insights from the data collected by the company.
  • Ability to drive projects and take complete ownership.
  • Build on user led pain points and stories and come to solving the right problems with data backed reasoning
  • They would be responsible for maintaining the data and for performing extensive analysis from data to derive actionable insights as per business requirements.
  • They would have to quantify the impact of proposed initiatives, identify causations and correlations and differentiate between them.
  • They would have to perform clustering to segment customers or build decision trees to analyze churn or forecast using regression models.
  • They would have to assess the results of A/B experiments.
  • They would have to identify and build metrics and reports as and when required and automate these processes as expected.
  • The candidate is expected to be able to analyze large amounts of data and should have the ability to work with an appropriate data warehouse solution to do so.

Job requirements

What you should have

  • Degree in statistics, engineering or a related discipline and a passion or expertise in data and statistical analysis .
  • Experience working in areas such as data warehousing, databases, data visualization, statistics, data analysis, A/B Experiments, reporting, basic machine learning and modeling.
  • Comfortable working with massive unstructured data sets.
  • Good working knowledge of technologies such as SQL, Excel, Google Analytics, Tableau/Qlik and R or Python.
  • Expertise in deriving insights from large amounts of data is mandatory
  • Expertise in customer segmentation, user profiling, churn analysis is required
  • Ability to work with large data sets and to interpret them statistically is expected
  • Strong problem solving skills is required
  • Ability to work with data warehousing solutions to meet large datasets and analysis requirements is expected
  • Expertise with SQL and MS Excel is mandatory
  • Detailed understanding of statistical techniques is expected

Brownie Points

  • Experience in working with big data platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig will be useful.
  • Exposure to BI tools such as Looker or Tableau will be useful
  • Experience using machine learning algorithms, data analytics strong algorithmic thinking and good programming skills will be useful
  • Proficiency in R or Python will be useful.
  • Experience working on analytics and tracking tools such as Google Analytics will be preferred

Applying to Product Analyst

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