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If you love a dynamic work culture, are outcome-oriented, eat data for breakfast, and are obsessed with customers, Shaadi.com is
THE place for YOU!

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The riveting growth story of Shaadi.com

Our vision

To build the world’s first ‘togetherness’ company! We want to build a place where people can find a companion, discover love and share joy.

Values we live by

Put people first

We always put the organization’s interests before self.

Be the user

We make sure to create time for customer interactions and user understanding.

Deliver wow

We aspire for new user benchmarks & operational/tech excellence.

Embrace and drive change

We accept and enthusiastically encourage change while questioning the status quo and showing initiative.

Make it happen

We are always outcome focused and measure self by impact delivered.

Having a strong work ethic

For us, work ethic is about showing up, being on time, being reliable and doing what we say we’re going to do.

Leadership Team

Anupam Mittal

Founder & CEO

Biplab Sarkar

Senior Vice President

Nilesh Borgharkar

Senior Vice President
Customer Support & Service

P Ganesan

Senior Vice President
HR & Admin

Abhigyan Singh

Vice President
Market Development

Kinshuk Lohiya

Senior Vice President
Finance and Legal

Disha Desai

Associate Vice President
Product & Customer Experience

Adhish Zaveri

Associate Vice President

Karan Singh Arora

Senior Director
Product Sangam and Shaadi

Leadership Principles we count on

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. We strongly believe it and follow the principles of the T.

From the HR Head's Desk

Folks at Shaadi.com rock when it comes to going deep to solve problems. There is possibly nothing more complex than the human mind. Predicting human behaviour on a given day, at a given time and a given moment is still a black hole. So, the science of matchmaking gets even more challenging & that’s where we revel
As we create our journey with top-of-the-line technology, product & marketing brains, it can be said without an element of doubt that our ability to prepare and plan for the times ahead has been instrumental in driving our success stories. As an outcome-oriented team with incredible zeal to achieve, we PLAN HARD.

Most folks may say everyone does it! That’s where we differ. Our talent selection, planning and execution of projects are perfectly synergized enabling our folks to achieve their personal aspirations as they pursue org goals. As an organization, we consistently apply first principles. We are very curious people. When it comes to studying user behaviour, we are second to none. Our planning process is built on the premise of breaking down problems into their minutest constituent form and then our cross-functional teams unravel unique solutions that have stood the test of time.

Our bottom-up approach, complemented by an awesome ideation framework where everyone has an ability to influence the organization’s journey has helped us raise the bar.

For those of you out there who have an insatiable desire to go deep, to experiment, to question the status quo & solve complex problems that will impact the lives of millions of folks, Shaadi.com is the place to be…

We can go on and on about who we are. But let’s do it in the best way we know. Listen to our superhero stories!

P. Ganesan
Senior Vice President – Human Resources & Adminstration

Listen to our People Stories

The Balancing Act

Work and fun go hand in hand at People Interactive. We thrive at work together.
And, at the same time have loads of fun together. Let us show you a few glimpses!

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The Secret Behind our Success

Shaadi.com, a world-class consumer internet company in India, is built on an Idea to help Indians find a life partner. Our vision is to build the world’s first togetherness’ company! We want to build a leading platform to find a life partner, discover love and share joy.

What sets Shaadi.com apart from other organisations around is our culture and our people. As culture and people are ever-evolving, we embrace talent who imbibe our culture and add their own uniqueness to raise the bar and better it.

It’s not just a nice-sounding value for us, it forms our core strength. As an organization, we nurture an inclusive culture and work consistently to adapt to people’s styles and quirks.
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